Feuerbach all over again

by Caleb Roberts

Nothing has been more startling than to note how much contemporary Christian theology is concerned with trying to perform Feuerbach’s work all over again.  For if Christianity, in even the semi-secular society of the present, is to be able to present itself as having a relevant content and function, it is forced to present itself as having a secular content and function.  Hence the many attempts to demythologize Christianity, to separate relevant kernel from irrelevant husk.  The tragedy of these attempts is that what is disentangled as the essential human meaning of Christianity is so platitudinous, and it is platitudinous precisely because what is presented is a way of life in accordance with the liberal values and illiberal realities of the established order.  That function of religion which consisted in providing a radical criticism of the secular present is lost by those contemporary demythologizers whose goal is to assimilate Christianity to the secular present. (142-143)

Alasdair MacIntyre | Marxism and Christianity