Morality and Capitalism

In the meantime capitalism does not deny morality.  It evacuates it as in the end it must evacuate itself, by the overproduction of increasingly valueless choices.  Moral talk has been made unserious and in the face of the moral vacuousness of capitalism it is necessary to impose what I call a significant moral silence, a silence relative to the vulgar garrulousness of bourgeois ‘free moral choices’, but a silence whose significance demands that it be sharply distinguished from the crassness of Stalinist amoralism.  Anyone who, like me, feels crushed between the moral cynicism of a a Brezhev and the moral hypocrisy of a Reagan and who finds in both something rooted in the very structure of our moral world will have identified the controlling concerns of this book.  Perhaps also they will be able to identify its governing symbol, that it is, as Terry Eagleton once put it, in the silence of Jesus before Pilate, in his refusal to talk morality with a frivolous moraliser, that the true significance of morality may be articulated. (x-xi)

Denys Turner | Marxism and Christianity


Morality and Marxism

I maintain that the practice which morality entails for us in our engagement with our social world is none other than that which Marxism entails for us in that world. (ix)

Denys Turner | Marxism and Christianity