Since heaviness is the law of creation, the operation of grace consists in “de-creating” oneself.  To de-create oneself is to participate in the creation of the world.  In so far as the self is abolished, in so far as that shadow born of sin and error is effaced, in so far we are penetrated by the light of God.  But the death of the self is only possible if man exposes himself in his nakedness to the sharp impact of existence, without taking thought to the divisions of past and future, but clinging tenaciously to the immediate present.  The necessity of not seeking for compensation, of suspending the faculty of imagination, “that filler of open spaces” the necessity of exposing oneself, unarmoured, to the test of daily life, — these are her constant themes. (10)

Marie-Magdeleine Davy | The Mysticism of Simone Weil